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Every girl has a story to tell, and there are so many ways to tell it! Hear one girl's thoughts and feelings about depression through her poetry.


Articles in this section
Coming Out    
  • It’s Not “Just a Phase”
  • Out and Proud

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse    
  • Learning How Much the Consequences Hurt
  • Never Say the First 'Yes'

  • Feelings About Family    
  • All Because of My Brother

  • Grief and Loss    
  • A Little Pink Crayon
  • Coping with the Loss of a Loved One
  • Daddy's Girl
  • Death of a Close Friend
  • Daddy's Girl
  • Losing My Boyfriend
  • Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend
  • There's Always a Rainbow After the Rain

  • Living With Injury, Disability, or Illness    
  • Living with Eczema
  • My Illness: Crohn's Disease
  • My Right Foot
  • She Didn't Cry: My Cousin’s Battle with Cancer
  • When Curves Aren't Cool

  • Love    
  • A Future Love
  • Him
  • Interracial Dating: The Differences We Share
  • My Interracial Relationship
  • No Disease Can Take Away Love
  • Not Popular Enough
  • Recovering from a Broken Heart

  • Lying, Cheating, and Deception    
  • Cheated on!
  • Cheating on My Boyfriend
  • My Boyfriend’s Mistake

  • Poetry and Art    
  • A Fright of Sight and Mistakes
  • Depression
  • Why Is It?

  • Prejudice    
  • Being a Religious Minority
  • Judaism
  • Tired of It

  • Problems at Home    
  • Dealing with My Alcoholic Mother
  • Hard Times: Dealing with My Alcoholic Father
  • Living with a Handicapped Parent
  • No Life Is Perfect
  • Trusting the Unknown

  • Self-Abuse    
  • Learning the Importance of Life
  • My Battle Scars
  • My Boyfriend's Suicide Attempt
  • My Past Self-Mutilation Problem
  • Pain Doesn't Last Forever
  • Struggling with Self-Injury
  • Turning the Tables on Self-Injury

  • Self-Image    
  • Acne Angst
  • Being Biracial
  • Being Overweight and Living with It!
  • Being True to Yourself
  • Dealing with the "In Crowd"
  • Doing It on My Own: Overcoming Anorexia
  • Having an Anorexic Friend
  • Height Doesn't Matter
  • Lessons of an Election
  • Living Up to Myself
  • Overcoming Insecurity
  • Struggling with My Weight
  • The Agony of Anorexia
  • When Food Takes Control

  • Sports and Fitness    
  • Asthma and Athletics
  • For the Love of the Sport: Archery
  • The Basketball Team

  • Stress    
  • Anxiety: There's Always Hope

  • Surviving a Trauma    
  • Rape: It'll Never Happen to Me
  • Surviving Rape: It Happens to an Everyday Average Person

  • Transitions    
  • Dealing with a Friend Moving Away
  • Moving to a New City
  • My Parents' Divorce
  • The Ending of a Friendship

  • Unusual Hobbies    
  • Web Whiz Girl!

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