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iEmily.com Has Closed Its Doors — Until Further Notice!

Since we launched in July 2000, more than 300,000 visitors have logged on to iEmily.com. We're proud to be the place you came to for clear and honest answers to all of your health and wellness questions. The team at iEmily cares about you and about the service we provided to you. So, we wanted to let you know that because we were unable to find a permanent home, we were forced to close down for now. While this is sad news, it is the harsh reality that many web sites are facing these days. We have brought back some of the content, but willl be unable to update or change it frequently.

We know you'll miss all the great health information that iEmily provided. But we haven't given up hope—we're still looking for a way to keep the site going. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or want more information about iEmily, e-mail us at iemilyinfo@yahoo.com. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have and we welcome your comments. Just like you, we want iEmily to find a permanent home and we're grateful for any help that we can find.

Thanks for making us such a success up until now and for choosing iEmily.com as your place for girls' health!


The iEmily Team