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Web Whiz Girl!

Web Whiz Girl!
Writer, 12

When my family first got the Internet, I was immediately attracted to it. It was amazing that I could talk to people with something called e-mail, and I could go to web sites that interested me. Everyday, I felt like I had to check my e-mail. Then, I tried making a web site. I bought some books about it because I was curious. After a while, I found that making web sites was so much fun!

It was extremely difficult for me to learn and understand HTML. But I kept practicing with codes and experimenting until I memorized codes and things. When I had trouble with something, I consulted Lisa Explains It All, Funky Chickens HTML Help, or Web Monkey. These resources really helped me a lot. While other kids were playing soccer or baseball, I was updating my girls-only web site: Sweet Sugar. I never told anyone about my site except my family because I was afraid that people would think I was a geek. But to my surprise, my family and friends totally accepted it.

My web site became a big hit on the Internet. I got a lot of visitors every day, which made me so happy. Then, I decided to open up another site, one for kids that I named The Playground. Because I knew a lot about HTML and Java at the age of eleven, I was featured in an Internet magazine as the winner of "Web Site of the Month." They had a whole article about my site and me. After that I received tons of awards, and I also wrote a story that I put on the site. Then a magazine for children and their parents published my story in their Spring 2001 issue! Everything was so great, and it was all because I got into an unusual hobby that is not too common among kids.

Right now I'm still working hard on keeping The Playground neat and tidy. I've also started a couple of new e-zines, which are very successful and extremely fun to do. The Internet can be a lot of fun. There is SO much you can do with it, but I only told you about what I love to do.

If you are thinking about making a web site, go for it. Don't listen to anyone who says that you are weird or nerdy. It feels so great after you have finished it because you accomplished something very hard. Making a web site is a challenge that is so much fun. So if you are thinking about, do it. Don't be afraid! The Internet is expanding everyday with even more web sites, so why not join them?

Last Modified Date: 4/20/2001