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A Healthy You: The Results of the Healthcare Survey

A Healthy You:
The Results of the Healthcare Survey

It's important to take care of our bodies. Because they are complex organisms, sometimes that means getting a health professional involved to tell us what's going on and to give us advice on how to care for ourselves. From the looks of this survey, it seems as though you iEmily girls know where to go to get the healthcare you need.

Thanks for expressing your opinions in our survey about healthcare. See below to find out how you voted on all the questions we asked and come back to iEmily often to take more interesting surveys.

When you're not feeling healthy, many of you head to your mom or the school nurse for advice:
I talk to my mom or the school nurse to see if they can help me: 56%
I kind of live with it and maybe I'll talk to my friends after a while: 33%
I never go to the doctor: 7%
I call my doctor right away: 4%

Most of you know what a yeast infection is, but don't know how to treat it:
65% said I think I know what a yeast infection is, but I wouldn't know what to do if I got one.
21% said yes, I've had one and know what to do to treat it.
14% said no, I've never heard of a yeast infection.

If you ever thought you had a yeast infection, here's what you'd do about it:
Tell my mom or sister or another adult female: 65%
Buy medicine from the drugstore: 19%
Do nothing: 9%
Talk to my friends about it: 5%
Talk to the school nurse: 2%

Most of you have never been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, or genital warts (luckily!):
77% said I've never had sex, so there's no way I'd ever have an STD.
20% said I've never been diagnosed with an STD.
2% said I had one, got it diagnosed right away, and got medication to treat it.
1% said I had one, but I let it go for a while because I was scared to tell anyone about my symptoms.

When asked if you've ever been to a gynecologist, most of you said no:
No: 87%
Yes: 13%

If you have been the gynecologist, here are the ages when you first went:
34%: age 11 to 13
34%: age 14 to 16
14%: age 17 to 19
18%: over 19

Most of you don't feel comfortable talking to your doctor about being sexually active:
75% said I think my doctor would tell my mom or something.
22% said my doctor is very open about stuff like that and I know she would keep it confidential.
3% said I tried to bring it up but she kind of changed the subject.

Many of you turn to friends and family members to discuss health issues:
Friend: 55%
Family member: 32%
Family doctor: 6%
Staff member of a community health clinic (for example, Planned Parenthood): 4%
School nurse: 3%

When making decisions about your healthcare, here's what's most important to you:
Confidentiality: I don't want anyone to know what I discuss with my doctor: 51%
Gender: I specifically want to see a male or female doctor: 39%
Anonymity: I don't want the doctor to know me or my family: 6%
Payment: I want to be able to pay for treatment myself and without my parents knowing: 4%

Last Modified Date: 4/20/2001