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The Agony of Ecstasy: The Results of the Ecstasy Survey

The Agony of Ecstasy:
The Results of the Ecstasy Survey

Just like any drug, the "club drug" ecstasy (also called E, X, Adam, and XTC) is dangerous and can be damaging to your health. Research studies recently found that ecstasy causes brain damage and significant impairment to visual and verbal memory. But according to the results of our ecstasy survey, it looks like you haven't given in to pressure regarding drug use and won't become part of these statistics.

Thanks for expressing your opinions in this survey. See below to find out how you voted on all the questions we asked and come back to iEmily often to take more interesting surveys.

Here are the percentages of your friends that have tried ecstasy:
62% said none of your friends have tried it
27% said less than half of your friends have tried it
8% said that more than half of your friends have tried the drug
3% said half of your friends have tried it

When we asked if you ever tried ecstasy, here's how you replied:
No: 77%
Yes: 23%

Ecstasy is considered a "club drug" because its use is most often associated with all-night dance parties known as "raves." Here's how popular raves are where you live:
Not at all—I've never heard of one happening in my hometown: 43%
Not very—there have been one or two in the past year: 25%
Somewhat—there have been several in the past year: 21%
Very—there's one almost every weekend: 11%

Here's how you replied when asked if you've ever been pressured to try ecstasy:
75% said no, you've never been pressured to try it
20% said you've never been pressured to try ecstasy, but have been pressured to try other drugs
5% said yes, you had been pressured to try it

Here's how you feel ecstasy compares to other drugs in terms of its being unsafe:
Just as harmful: 60%
More harmful: 28%
Not as harmful: 12%

Many of you don't feel you don't know enough about ecstasy:
44% said you feel somewhat informed
33% said not very
13% said this is the first you've heard about the drug
10% feel very informed

You go to a variety of places to get information about ecstasy:
Friends: 32%
Other: 28%
Health class: 19%
Anti-drug ads: 9%
Parents: 8%
Siblings: 4%

Here are some of the other sources you use for information about the drug:
Magazines, books and the Internet: 44%
Television: 42%
Teachers, school: 8%
Never heard of ecstasy before: 6%

Last Modified Date: 4/18/2001