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Seated Spinal Twist (<i>Marichyasana C</i>)

Seated Spinal Twist (Marichyasana C)

How do I do the pose?
What are the benefits of doing Seated Spinal Twist?
Any precautions?
Terms from the video explained
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How do I do the pose?
Straighten your legs out in front. Bend your left knee toward your chest and bring the heel of your left foot close to the left hip. Inhale and twist to the left, hooking your right arm around your left knee. Use your left arm behind you to brace your spine and try to keep that arm straight. Bring your right arm to the outside of the right knee. Keep breathing and straighten your arm and hand with palm facing outwards toward the wall in front of you. Turn your head and body as far as possible to the left. Keep your spine, neck, and head aligned and continue to try to turn to the left. Breathe in and out for 60 seconds and repeat the steps on the other side. back to top

What are the benefits of doing Seated Spinal Twist?
The taller you sit in this posture, the easier it will be to expand the lungs and breathe deeply. Seated Spinal Twist helps release tightness in your upper back. It also helps you develop a full range of motion and rotation in your shoulders. Through your focus on breathing in the twist, you increase the amount of air your lungs can hold. The instructor recommends this posture for anyone who has asthma. back to top

Any precautions?
Avoid hunching up your shoulders when you do this twist. Sit tall and think of lengthening your spine as you twist. Do not attempt to twist so far that it hurts your neck or lower back. Breathe deeply in this (and all) yoga postures. back to top

Terms from the video explained
  • Dandasana: Dandasana is a seated yoga pose called the "Staff" or "Stick" posture because of the straight lines formed by the legs, arms, feet, and spine. The instructor teaches you to start (and finish) the Seated Spinal Twist in Dandasana. From this pose, you can stretch out on your back and try Upward-Facing Bow or complete your yoga practice and relax in Corpse pose. back to top
Last Modified Date: 4/2/2001