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Watching Your Weight? The Results of the Diet Survey

Watching Your Weight? The Results of the Diet Survey

Every day, thousands of girls start dieting. Some try dangerous diets that leave their bodies lacking necessary nutrients and vitamins, but the key to dieting is to get balanced nutrition so that you can stay healthy and still lose some weight. After analyzing the results of this survey, it looks like the iEmily users know how to diet in a healthy way.

Thanks for expressing your opinions in this survey. Find out how you voted on all the questions we asked and come back to iEmily often to take more fun surveys. back to top

Many of you have been on a diet at some point in your lives, but a lot of you haven't:
58% said "Yes, I have been on a diet"
42% said "No, never been on a diet"

Of those of you who have tried a diet, the overwhelming majority of you think you're overweight. Here are your reasons for dieting:
Think I'm too fat: 74%
Want to look more like the models in magazines and movie and television stars: 9%
Parents have suggested I could lose a few pounds: 7%
Friends are all thin and I want to look like them: 5%
Coach has told me to lose weight: 3%
I want to look good for my boyfriend: 2%

Most of you feel that you're not the proper weight right now:
I could lose a few pounds: 56%
Yes, I'm fine: 29%
I'm really overweight: 15%

A lot of you think about food and weight, especially before eating a hot fudge sundae:
53% of you think about food and weight sometimes, such as before you're about to eat something really bad for you
32% think about it every time you put something in your mouth
15% never think about it

Most of you who have dieted have done it the healthy way by cutting your daily calories. Here are the kinds of diets you've tried:
62% have cut your daily calories
14% have eaten an all-vegetable and fruit diet with no protein or carbohydrates
12% have used diet shakes and meal replacement bars
11% have tried a diet with lots of protein and no fats or carbohydrates
1% have dieted by eating just high carbohydrates, with little protein or vegetables

Most of you have never bought a pair of jeans that were too small in the hopes of dieting to fit into them. Here's how you voted:
63% said "No way! I buy what fits me now."
28% said, "I've done it a few times."
9% said, "My closet is full of clothes that are too small."

The overwhelming majority of you have never used diet pills or laxatives to control your weight:
85% have never used diet pills or laxatives
15% have used them

Last Modified Date: 11/30/2000