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Learning How Much the Consequences Hurt

Learning How Much the Consequences Hurt
Writer, 13

I was an average teenage girl. I got good grades, had plenty of friends, and I was going out with James*. James was the boy that every girl wanted to date. We were really in love, not puppy love like everyone else thought. It was the real thing. Everything was going perfectly until the day I made a decision that has changed my life forever.

One weekend I was hanging out at my friend Carla's* house. We decided to go hang out with our friend Betsy* who lived down the street. Betsy's parents weren't home and there were a bunch of guys hanging around the neighborhood. Some of them I knew, and some I didn't.

One of them came up with the idea that we should mix some of Betsy's parents' vodka with a bottle of soda. So one of the guys went to the little convenience store down the street and bought some soda. You can probably guess what happened next. I had been called a "goody two shoes" all my life, and now was my chance to prove that they were wrong. That I didn't always do the right thing. So I pressured myself into drinking a sip of the most disgusting drink that I've ever tasted.

After that I figured nothing would happen and my boyfriend would never find out, but Lord knows I was wrong. I knew he would be mad because he had gone through what I'd gone through, only much more serious. He was doing drugs and alcohol all the time, and had moved to my town to live with his aunt so he could change and make his life better.

That night when I called my boyfriend, I asked him what he would do if I ever drank, and as I expected, he said he'd be mad and he might dump me, but he didn't have to worry about that, did he? Because I knew he might dump me and because my little brother was in the next room, I lied to him. I told him that he had nothing to worry about. Little did I know that a little white lie would turn into the biggest lesson that I ever will learn.

The next day at school, my friend Carla let out everything because she thought it was so cool. It was horrible. My boyfriend found out and so did all of my friends. Some of them, including my boyfriend, turned their backs on me when I needed them most. James ended up dumping me. I cried all day, and with some of my friends and my counselor's support, James and I worked things out. But things didn't stay that way. I though he'd be there for me because of what he went through. I thought he'd understand the most, but instead he understood the least. He dumped me the next night and this time for good.

I had done everything I could to make things right and there was nothing else I could do. I had been honest with my mom, my friends, and even God (I had gone to confession the night before). I never really got over James, and to this day I still cry over him. When I think about him or hear songs that remind me of him, I know deep down inside that I'll always be in love with him. Always and forever.

I hope my story will help other girls that read this to make the right decisions because I know how much the consequences hurt. So for my sake, and for yours, please think before you take action. It will hurt a lot less.

*Names have been changed

Last Modified Date: 1/10/2001