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No "Butts" About It: The Results of the Smoking Survey

No "Butts" About It: The Results of the Smoking Survey

Every day, nearly 3,000 young people under the age of 18 become regular smokers. According to the results of our smoking survey, it looks like the iEmily girls haven’t given in to pressure regarding smoking and won’t be part of these statistics.

Thanks for expressing your opinions in this survey. See below to find out how you voted on all the questions we asked and come back to iEmily often to take more fun surveys. back to top

The majority of you are completely smoke free and have never even taken a puff.
68% have never smoked
19% have tried smoking but don’t smoke currently
9% smoke occasionally
4% smoke daily

Since the vast majority of you are under 18, you’ve made a healthy choice to be smoke free. Here are the age ranges of those who participated in this survey:
10 to 13 years old: 33%
14 to 16: 56%
17 to 19: 9%
20 plus: 2%

Hanging with your friends who smoke could potentially sway you to take up the habit. These are the factors that would influence your decision to smoke:
60% could take up the habit because of friends who smoke
24% could smoke because of parents who smoke
11% could be influenced by older siblings who smoke
5% could smoke due to seeing celebrities smoking

You felt that the following factors would influence you to quit smoking:
Smoking is harmful to your health: 45%
Will power: 32%
Fear that their parents would find out: 10%
Wouldn’t want to become addicted to nicotine: 6%
Peer pressure: 5%
Difficulty in buying cigarettes: 2%

The majority of you who do smoke feel that you’re not addicted to it and could easily quit. Here are your attitudes toward quitting:
I'm not addicted, so I could easily stop smoking at any time: 59%
I might have some cravings, but I could stop smoking whenever I wanted: 22%
I have tried to quit before, but haven't been successful: 14%
I smoke heavily, so I would have to gradually cut down before I quit: 5%

Smoking seems to bother you when it comes to your relationships. Here’s what you thought about discovering that someone you liked was a smoker:
57% said it would bother you, but it wouldn’t change your opinion about the person.
24% said it would bug you so much you wouldn’t be able to hang with the person any more.
19% felt it wouldn’t matter to you either way.

Last Modified Date: 11/16/2000