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Are You All-Natural? The Natural Health Survey Results

Are You All Natural? The Natural Health Survey Results

Natural health remedies are gaining in popularity these days. People are flocking to yoga studios for inner and outer balance and testing out acupuncture and herbal remedies to cure their ills.

Thanks for expressing your opinions in the iEmily Natural Health survey. Find out how you voted on all the questions we asked and come back to iEmily often to take more fun surveys. back to top

Most of you have delved into the alternative health world to help you solve a health ailment:
Have tried a natural health treatment: 62%
Haven't tried one: 38%

When you checked out a natural health option, herbal remedies seem to be your treatment of choice:
Herbal remedies: 37%
Massage: 31%
Acupuncture: 28%
Aromatherapy: 2%
Chiropractic: 2%

Here are some of the other alternative therapies you've tried:
  • back rubbing, not massage, if I can't fall asleep
  • hypnotherapy
  • teas
  • lotions
  • music
You're not afraid to go alternative to soothe your inner spirit and outer body. Here are the things you've tested out:
Meditation: 41%
Yoga: 41%
Visualization: 12%
Guided imagery: 4%
T'ai chi: 2%

There's power in the pen! The majority of you keep a journal:
Keep a journal: 78%
Don't keep a journal: 22%

Those of you who keep a journal write in it when you want to, not on a regular basis:
Don't write regularly: 53%
Write 1 to 3 times a week: 19%
4 to 6 times a week: 14%
Daily: 12%
More than once a day: 2%

For treating a cold, most of you have stuck with tried and true Vitamin C. But some of you have experimented with other natural remedies:
Vitamin C: 52%
Echinacea tea tincture or capsules: 33%
Zinc lozenges: 13%
Ginger tea: 2%

Guess those Flinstones chewables still go down pretty easy. The majority of you who take vitamins pop a multi:
Multivitamin: 66%
Vitamin C: 24%
Vitamin A: 4%
Vitamin B: 4%
Vitamin E: 2%

When stirring up a natural potion at home, here's what you've made:
Hair treatment: 23%
Body cream: 21%
Toothpaste: 20%
Facial cream: 18%
Deodorant: 16%
Facial skin toner: 2%

The majority of you have tried essential oils for aromatherapy or relaxation:
Have used essential oils: 70%
Haven't ever tried it: 30%

Here are the essential oils you've tried:
Lavender: 57%
Other: 23%
Peppermint: 11%
Tea tree: 7%
Lemon: 2%

Though you're willing to go the natural route, many of you felt that all-natural products have the same effectiveness as manufactured ones:
They work the same: 53%
All natural products work better: 33%
Manufactured treatments work better: 14%

When deciding on whether or not to use all-natural products, animal rights is a big factor:
I don't support animal testing: 69%
I don't like the thought of using chemicals on my skin: 22%
I can't afford all-natural treatments: 9%

Last Modified Date: 11/10/2000