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Quiz: How Much Sugar Is In The Food You Love?

How Much Sugar Is in the Food You Love?

The amount of sugar in some of your favorite foods and snacks might surprise you. Some sweet-tasting snacks are low in sugar. And some foods and beverages that don't taste very sweet are packed with sugar. The nutrition facts label is the key to finding the hidden sugar in your favorite foods. Check the label for words like corn syrup and brown rice sugar. You may be surprised to find sugar in some unexpected places such as in soups and frozen dinners. Think you know how to sniff out the sweet stuff? Well, it's time for a pop quiz.

DIRECTIONS: Choose your answer to the question, then hit "submit." A reply will pop up to tell you if you answered the question correctly. When you're ready to move on, hit "Go to the next question." Have fun!

Which of the following cereals has the most sugar per serving?  
Cocoa Puffs®
Total Corn Flakes®
Healthy Choice® Low-fat Granola with Raisins
Last Modified Date: 3/8/2001