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Quiz: What's Your Skin Type?

Quiz: What's Your Skin Type?

Answer the questions below for some clues to your skin type.

Look in the mirror. What size are your pores?
Invisible to small (can’t see or hard to see).
Medium to large in some areas, small in others.
Large–they’re easy to see.

Describe what your face looks like a few hours after you wash it.
Shiny and a little bit greasy feeling.
Dry and tight feeling.
Shiny in some parts, like your forehead and nose, and dry in others, like your cheeks.

How often do you get zits, blackheads, and whiteheads?
All of the time.
Sometimes or only in certain spots.
Almost never.

Which word best describes your hair?

Do you have fine, flaky skin?
Yes, all over my face.
Yes, but just on my cheeks.
No, not at all.

Does your skin get red and irritated easily after using skin-care products?

Last Modified Date: 4/4/2001