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Where You're Learning It: Your Answers to Our Questions on Sex Education

Where You're Learning It:
Your Answers to Our Questions on Sex Education

Thanks to all those who participated in the iEmily Sex Education survey. Find out how you voted on all the questions we asked, and come back to iEmily often to take more surveys.

While you checked out a lot of sources, you went to your friends and the Internet most often to get reliable information on sex:
Friends: 32%
Internet: 26%
Magazines: 16%
Parents: 7%
Books: 6%
Other: 6%
Teachers: 4%
Siblings: 3%

The majority of you get educated in public—schools, that is:
Attend public school: 86%
Private school: 8%
Home school: 3%
Parochial school: 3%

Most of you learn about the birds and the bees in health class:
Health class: 77%
Not taught in school: 20%
As a special elective course: 3%
In an after-school program: less than 1%

When learning about sex, the majority of you mix it up in the classroom with members of both genders:
63% get taught in co-ed classrooms
22% are in single-sex classrooms for some lessons
15% are in single-sex classrooms for all lessons

Sex education seems to teach you something about birth control:
43% of you feel somewhat informed about birth control as a result of your sex ed classes
29% feel not very informed
21% feel very well informed
7% had no opinion

Sex ed also seems to teach you something about your options for pregnancy:
40% feel somewhat informed
28% feel not very informed
24% feel very well informed
9% have no opinion

Less than half of you feel very well informed about sexually transmitted diseases due to the information you receive from sex ed classes:
Very well informed: 45%
Somewhat informed: 33%
Not very informed: 13%
No opinion: 9%

You don't get much information in sex ed class about alternative sexual lifestyles (for example: homosexuality, bisexuality):
Not very informed: 48%
Somewhat informed: 21%
Very well informed: 20%
No opinion: 11%

You were divided on the problem of getting tested for an STD:
53% said you would not know where to go if you needed testing for an STD
47% said you would know where to go

More of you said that your school emphasized abstinence in its sex ed programs:
Yes: 53%
No: 47%

More than half of your sex ed programs talk about emotional aspects of sexuality:
55% said your school discusses emotional aspects
45% said your school doesn't discuss that part of sexuality

Your school's sex ed program got an average rating from many of you:
Average: 41%
Satisfactory: 29%
Below average: 24%
Excellent: 6%

Last Modified Date: 10/30/2000