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Incredible Edibles: Check out the results of the iEmily Nutrition Survey!

Incredible Edibles:
Check Out the Results of the iEmily Nutrition Survey!

Thanks to all those who participated in the iEmily Nutrition survey. Find out how you voted on all the questions we asked and come back to iEmily often to take more fun surveys.

Does eating right take too much time?
Dishing up a healthy meal is a no-brainer for more than half of you:

53% believe it isn't any harder to eat right than to eat junk food
32% think it takes too much time to plan, chop, and cook food that's good for you
8% don't care about eating right because you think healthy food tastes terrible
7% wanted to know if French fries are a vegetable!

What's your breakfast fuel?
An almost equal amount of you eat a bowl of the breakfast of champions (cereal!) to jump start your day as skip that all-important meal:

43% skip breakfast
41% eat a bowl of cereal
10% slurp up a plateful of pancakes and syrup
5% go for bacon and eggs, diner style!

Do you buy lunch or bring lunch?
It was a close race, but it looks like buying lunch at school wins out over brown-bagging it!

57% buy lunch
43% bring

When you buy lunch, what do you typically choose?
Here's what you get when you look to the caf for lunch-time nutritional guidance:

Typically buy pizza for lunch: 37%
Buy a burger, fries, and a soda: 22%
Get by with a can of soda and a candy bar: 16%
Go the healthy route with a salad, lean meats on whole wheat bread, and a piece of fruit: 15%
Eat dinner at lunchtime—mashed potatoes, meat, and white bread: 10%

What's your after-school snack personality?
When you're unwinding after a long day at school, more of you reach for the chips, candy, and soda before anything else:

Junk-food munchers: 37%
Sweet-tooth chewers: 18%
Soda guzzlers: 17%
Fruit and veggie nibblers: 14%
Not snackers: 14%

How often do you eat pizza?
Most of you resist consuming the cheesy, tomato-y snack and indulge never or only once a week:

0 to 1 time per week: 68%
2 to 3 times per week: 26%
3 to 4 times per week: 5%
5 to 7 times per week: 1%

Moo! The overwhelming majority of you go for meat over veggie:

80% eat beef burgers
20% eat veggie burgers

Are you a vegetarian?
Most of you are carnivores and prefer not to cut meat out of your diet:

89% are not vegetarians
11% go the all-veggie route

If yes, why did you become a vegetarian?
Your reasons for becoming veg-heads were diverse:

Concern for animal rights: 34%
To lose weight: 26%
Don't eat meat because you don't like it: 21%
Because your mom or dad is: 14%
Because of a friend: 5%

What's your drink of choice?
Most of you choose soda or water to quench your thirst:

Soda: 35%
Water: 28%
Juice: 18%
Milk: 12%
Other liquids: 7%

How adventurous are you when trying new foods?
The majority of you are cautiously adventurous when it comes to trying new foods:

66% alternate between trying and not trying a new food, depending on what it is
23% love to try new foods (chocolate-covered ants, anyone?)
11% say no thanks to anything new

What foods do you crave most?
Chocolate rules as the food you craved most! But there's a lot else you like to sink your teeth into when you feel a craving coming on:
  • cheese-stuffed crust pizza
  • chocolate chip bagels
  • enchiladas
  • frito pie
  • fagassa bread
  • fruit
  • jacket potatoes
  • kiwi
  • lasagna and sushi
  • mozzarella sticks
  • mushrooms
  • pasta
  • pizza
  • potato chips and strawberries
  • steak and salad
  • sugary things
  • ummm, everything
Last Modified Date: 10/30/2000