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Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend

Writer, 13

When I found out that my best friend was moving away, I was devastated. On the last day of school, I cried and cried, and I had an empty feeling in me, like a part of me had left. I was even sadder because she wasn't moving just a few miles away, or even across the U.S. She was moving across the ocean to a different country and a different continent.

If I plan to visit her, I must raise $2000. Right now I'm trying to baby-sit and clean for my mom to earn money. It's been hard, because I can't make very much without a real job, and I'm too young to have one. Sometimes I get discouraged, but then I think about how incredible it would be to see my friend, and to visit places like Switzerland, Austria, and Paris.

I'd just like to say that friends are so special, and you don't realize it until they're gone. I know that this whole experience has made me stronger, and that I will lose more friends as the years go by, but I will have to deal with it, like I have dealt with this.

Last Modified Date: 1/10/2001