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Back to School Survey Results

Back to School Survey Results

Thanks for participating in the iEmily Back to School survey. Your opinions told us that you're not the kind of gals who like to be labeled. You dig the social scene and you think the caf is pretty cliquey. Check out how you voted on all the questions we asked and come back to iEmily often to take our other surveys.

Most of you are doing it in that is. Here's where you're spending the majority of your time:
80% of you go to public school
12% go to private
4% go to other types of schools
3% go to parochial school
1% go to boarding school

While we know you all LOVE school, the majority of you can't wait for that 3 o'clock bell to ring. Here's what you're doing when you're done with the books:
48% of you are "Miss Can't-Wait-to-Go-Home"
28% of you are "Miss Extracurricular"
15% of you are "Miss School Sports"
8% of you are "Miss Community Involvement"

Brainiac? Jock? Nerd? Prom Queen? Most of you said "NO thanks!" to labeling the group you hang out with. Here's how you voted:
60% prefer not to be crowded into one group
32% said you're in the "in" crowd
4% said your gang of friends are considered "braniacs"
2% said your buds are jocks
2% said you're nerds and you're proud of it

The social scene rules as the thing you're most looking forward to about back to school. Check out the stats:
60% said you're psyched about the social scene in school
15% said you're not looking forward to much
14% said you're looking forward to new classes
9% said extracurricular activities is why you were ready for class on August 1st
1% said teachers are why you dig the sound of a school bell

Though it's not something you're proud of, the majority of you have made fun of someone in school.
76% said "yes"
23% said "no"

If you did make fun of someone, this is what you teased him or her about:
33% made fun of looks
33% made fun of personality
33% made fun of something else
less than 1% made fun of race/ethnicity
less than 1% made fun of family

Although you tease, you also defend. You'll stick up for others when push comes to shove.
68% of you said you'd stop a friend from picking on a kid
32% said you wouldn't

No majority rules when it comes to peer pressure:
50% said that you've never decided not to do something because of what other people might think
50% said you that you decided not to do something because of others

Stressing lunch? According to you, it's VERY cliquey in the caf. Here's how people are panning out at lunchtime:
60% of you said it's very cliquey; certain groups always sit together
17% of you said that people sit wherever they want to
12% of you don't eat in the cafeteria
7% of you said you've never noticed how people sit
4% of you had an "other" opinion on the subject

Safety is personal and important! The majority of you feel pretty safe at school.
37% feel moderately safe
29% feel neither safe nor at risk
28% feel very safe
4% feel moderately at risk
2% feel very much at risk

Last Modified Date: 4/18/2001