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Cheating on My Boyfriend

Writer, Age 16

When I was in seventh grade my first love came into my life. Our relationship lasted for two years off and on. We broke up the last week of our freshman year in high school. I thought that I would never love again.

But in the middle of my sophomore year my second true love came into my life. I had known him for about three years, but he lived in another town so we really weren’t close friends. We spoke maybe twice a year.

Then one night out of the blue he called me. I didn’t have much to say being that we hardly ever talked. Then after that we decided to get together one night and go out in the town that I lived in.  Subsequently we were calling each other frequently. After about a month of talking and going out with each other we decided that it was time to take our relationship further.

We were very serious as soon as our couple relationship started. Our relationship never struggled and I felt as if we would be together forever. Nothing was going to come between us and split the immeasurable bond that we had formed. I was wrong. Alcohol can do more to your brain than people really think.

We hardly saw each other in the summertime. He worked the majority of the time with his dad in the mountains, and on the weekends when he was home he worked in town. We saw each other maybe once every two months. I did nothing but think of how much I missed him and how I couldn’t wait until the next time I would see him. I went out with my friends on weekends, but I still thought of him constantly.

One weekend I ruined our three-month long relationship. I went out drinking by myself. I missed him so much I felt that if I drank it would take away all of my pain. I was wrong; it just brought more. I cheated on him while I was drunk.

I was going to tell him, but I just didn’t know how. Unfortunately he found out before I had the chance to tell him. When he found out, our relationship changed for the worse. He ended it, but in reality I ended it. I cheated on the one I truly loved. The one I thought I would be with forever.

When he found out I was out of town with my mom. It was nice to get out of a small town full of gossip. He called me, and we talked normally for about ten minutes. Then he asked me if I cheated on him and he wanted the truth. I told him the truth and broke into tears.

When we first started going out he told me that he broke up with his last girlfriend for cheating on him. He said he was nothing but mean to her and neither of them wanted to even have a friendship. He explained to me how nice he was being to me. I wasn’t going to try to make up any excuses for what I had done. It was my fault, plain and simple. He hoped we could still carry on a friendship. I had told him that if I couldn’t have a relationship with him I would take the friendship.

As I lay on my mom’s bed, full of sadness and my face wet with tears, I apologized and hoped that he would change his mind. Two days afterwards I would be getting all of my wisdom teeth pulled. He said that he would call me a few days after I got my teeth pulled to see how I was doing.

I kept telling myself don’t get your hopes up. I wanted so much to believe that he would come back to me. After what I had done I would understand if he didn’t. He never called. All I ask of him: please forgive me.

Last Modified Date: 1/10/2001