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Interracial Dating: The Differences We Share

Writer, Age 17

Throughout my life, I have learned different things at different times from the various adults in my life. One of the most important lessons I ever learned was from my mother. She taught me to always be open-minded about others, especially if they were different from me in some way.

That lesson served me well throughout my school years, but especially over the past few months. Why? Iím a 17-year-old Roman Catholic of Polish and French Canadian heritage, and my boyfriend, who is also one of my best friends, is 16, Baptist, and half Puerto Rican. Yet, despite our surface differences, our personalities and values are very much the same.

We respect our differences and learn from them. He has an interest in Spanish music; Iíve dreamed of living in Canada. The difference in the color of our skin was never an issue because we were both taught to accept others as they are, no matter what they look like on the outside.

Sometimes when we go out together, we get strange looks, and I donít doubt that people wonder what our relationship is all about. It isnít about color, background, or faith. Itís about us, two people who care about each other despite the differences we share. It wouldnít matter to me if he was Native American, Japanese, or any other race, because he would still be the same person on the inside. And all that really matters is that I know he feels the same way.

Last Modified Date: 3/28/2001