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Bathing Beauties Across the Ages

Bathing Beauties Across the Ages

Life for girls has changed a lot across the decades and centuries. Or has it? In this occasional series, "Girls Across the Ages," we explore, through photos, what it meant to be a girl "way back when" and what it means today.

Having fun in 1931! These Australian bathing beauties kicked up their heels on a Sydney they knew a bathing suit with a skirt was the way to show off a fashionable hourglass figure.

Beauty comes in all sizes and colors. These African-American beauty contestants from 1949 were sponsored by local businesses. What a way to advertise your local pie shop!

Girls rule! This Cambridge, Massachusetts, synchronized swimming team (1999) knows that the team that swims together stays together—and has the most fun.
Last Modified Date: 4/17/2001