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Tea Time

Tea Time

What are the different types of tea?
Does tea have as much caffeine as coffee?
Is tea good for me?
What is chai?
Are herbal teas safe?

When it's tea time, you can do a lot more than just pour boiling water over a teabag, let it steep, and drink up. Tea can be as intricate as a Japanese tea ceremony prepared by a geisha or as simple as sun tea brewing in a jar on the porch. Some girls fill a tea ball with loose tea leaves and let it steep in a pot. Others boil black tea leaves with water, milk, sugar, and spices to make chai. And there are people who believe you can read your future using tea leaves. back to top

What are the different types of tea?
Tea is available in flavors like lemon zinger, Earl Gray, and black currant. You'll also find peppermint tea and apple cinnamon tea at your market. And there are herbal teas like soothing chamomile. In general, tea is made from a plant and comes in many varieties with exotic names like Assam, Darjeeling, and Lapsang souchong. Here are just some of your choices when it comes to tea:
  • black tea or green tea
  • with caffeine or decaffeinated
  • regular or herbal
  • tea bags or loose tea leaves back to top
Does tea have as much caffeine as coffee?
Tea generally has less caffeine than coffee. And green tea has less caffeine than black tea. Keep in mind that tea that is labeled "decaffeinated" may contain a trace of caffeine. back to top

Is tea good for me?
Tea contains antioxidants, which help fight disease by protecting your cells from damage. And green tea contains more of a naturally occurring substance that fights cancer and heart disease than black tea does. Green tea is made from tea leaves that are quickly heated and dried immediately after harvest. Some people believe green tea helps relieve mild depression symptoms. back to top

What is chai?
Chai is a popular spiced tea that girls are sipping hot or cold. You can find prepared chai in health food stores, coffee bars, tea shops, and some supermarkets. Did you know that chai comes from India? It's easy to make chai at home after a trip to the market for a few spices. back to top

Are herbal teas safe?
Most herbal teas are safe in moderate amounts. But unless an adult you trust shows you where to buy loose herbal teas, stick to the packaged teas you find in your own market or health food store. Figuring out the right concentration of herbs can be tricky. And some herbs, including sassafras root, comfrey, and chamomile, can cause allergic reactions. back to top

Last Modified Date: 12/19/2000
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