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Getting Started

Getting Started

First things first
Finding your activity
Setting your fitness goals

You want to get fit but you don't know where to begin? You exercise but you aren't seeing results? You play sports but you know you can be better at them? Don't wait another minute. If you have questions about getting started, ask your health professional. And, of course, if you have any medical problems or are overweight talk to your health professional before starting any fitness program. You can start a new, improved, and more challenging exercise program right now! back to top

First things first
If you've ever started a fitness program but quit, bought a workout video but never used it, joined a sports team but dreaded practice, or received a gym membership but never went there, you might think it's because you hate to exercise. Not! You just haven't found the activity that's right for you. back to top

Finding your activity
Some girls love step aerobics classes, but maybe you tried it and hated it. That doesn't necessarily mean you hate to exercise. It just means that step aerobics isn't for you.

The most important factor in getting started is finding an activity that you enjoy. If you're not having fun, chances are you're going to quit. Hey, nobody wants to do something that's going to bore, embarrass, or hurt them. back to top

Setting your fitness goals
So before you do that first abdominal crunch, get ready to ask yourself some questions about your fitness likes and dislikes.
  1. What is my fitness goal?
    1. I want to improve my overall fitness level.
    2. I want to get better at my sport.
    3. I want to lose weight.
    4. I want to try something fun that I saw in a magazine or on TV.
  2. What kind of fitness activities do I like?
    1. I like exercising alone/I like exercising with other people.
    2. I like to exercise indoors/outdoors best.
    3. I think exercising with free weights is great/scary.
    4. I love/hate taking an exercise class.
  3. What kinds of fitness activities fit my lifestyle?
    1. I do/don't live near a swimming pool, tennis court, or running track.
    2. I do/don't own a bicycle, inline skates, jump rope, or free weights.
    3. I do/don't mind carrying my gym bag around with me.
    4. I do/don't have money to spend on exercise equipment, clothes, or videos or gym membership fees.
  4. What other kinds of things will affect my choice of activity?
    1. I do/don't have physical limitations.
    2. I do/don't have access to transportation.
    3. I do/don't have time to exercise for at least 30 minutes four times a week.
    4. I do/don't have friends to exercise with me.
Look at the answers you chose. Based on your answers, can you think of some activities you might like to try? If you need some help, learn how to be your own personal trainer. back to top

Last Modified Date: 1/30/2001
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