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Make a Fitness Friend

Make a Fitness Friend

What is a Fitness Friend?
How can a Fitness Friend help me?
Can a Fitness Friend push me to work harder?
How can I find a Fitness Friend?

Wouldn't it be great to have your own personal trainer to encourage you when you don't feel like exercising or to get you to do just one more abdominal crunch? Wouldn't you like to have someone to keep you company while you work out and motivate you to be your best? Well, why not? When you and a friend become Fitness Friends, exercise can be twice as fun and rewarding. And Fitness Friends watch out for each other. This can keep both of you safe from injury, especially when one of you is doing something challenging like lifting a heavier weight or climbing a steep hill. back to top

What is a Fitness Friend?
A Fitness Friend is someone you make an exercise "date" with on a regular basis. Maybe you meet every Saturday morning for a long walk. Or you take a yoga class and then practice at home together once or twice a week. A Fitness Friend can be a girl or a guy, or even someone you don't know very well, but would like to. You and your Fitness Friend don't even have to have the same fitness goals. You just need to make a commitment to exercising together and to being in shape. back to top

How can a Fitness Friend help me?
Your Fitness Friend is there to motivate you. And you're there to motivate him or her. That means if he or she feels like skipping your afternoon run, you can make sure you both get some exercise. If your Fitness Friend is too tired to run, you might suggest a walk instead. Or make it a strength training day. You're both more likely to stick with your fitness program when you've made a "date" to workout. And you may find that by exercising with a Fitness Friend, you have the energy to do that exercise video, even though you didn't think you could drag yourself off the couch an hour earlier. back to top

Can a Fitness Friend push me to work harder?
Definitely! A Fitness Friend can help you run faster, jump farther, or do one more bicep curl than you might have by yourself. You'll push yourself harder because you have a Fitness Friend to challenge and encourage you to do your best. On your own, you might quit running halfway around the track. But when you're with a friend, you'll probably dig a little deeper and push yourself to finish that last lap. Or you might not think that you can do one more abdominal crunch, but with your Fitness Friend cheering you on, you make it! The great thing about being Fitness Friends is that you bring out the best in each other. back to top

How can I find a Fitness Friend?
A Fitness Friend can be someone you know from school, your neighborhood, or a gym or club that you belong to. He or she can be another teen or an adult you trust. You might even find a Fitness Friend in your own family! If you don't know who to ask, put an item in your school's paper or tell a coach that you're looking for someone to work out with. If you go to a public gym like a YMCA, you can post a note seeking a Fitness Friend. Or ask someone you see exercising if she or he would be interested in working out with you. back to top

Last Modified Date: 1/8/2001
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