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Herbs for Body Odor?

Herbs for Body Odor?

Why would anyone want to make her own deodorant? For one thing, store-bought deodorants contain chemicals such as aluminum that may be irritating to your body. While there's no truth in those Internet rumors that antiperspirants cause Alzheimer's or breast cancer, it is true that antiperspirants have been known to make sweat glands red and swollen or to lead to the growth of small cysts under the arms. Creating your own herbal deodorant ensures that your tender underarms won't be exposed to anything not personally approved by you.

On the other hand, some would argue that nothing beats store-bought deodorant for odor control. For many people, that's probably true. But maybe you're one of those lucky girls whose "sweat don't stink." Or you like to experiment. In any case, here's a simple recipe for making your own herbal "spray bottle" deodorant. The beauty of testing it out in the summer is that if it doesn't work, you'll know really soon. If so, you can just jump into the water or the shower—and then reach for your original store-bought brand. back to top

(This recipe makes one 2-ounce spray bottle.)

The deodorant:

1 ounce sage tincture in alcohol form
1 ounce witch hazel
5 to 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract (to help kill bacteria)
10 drops of lavender essential oil
10 drops of bergamot essential oil

Mix together all ingredients in a two-ounce spray bottle. (If you're the "unscented" type, it's okay to leave out the lavender and bergamot essential oils.) Store in a cool, dry place. This mixture will keep for one year. back to top
Last Modified Date: 3/30/2001
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