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Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated

Inspire yourself
What if I don't feel like exercising?

What happened? You started out all excited about getting healthy and fit and then, blah. Exercise just doesn't seem like much fun anymore. Is it hard for you to stick to your fitness program? Do you feel guilty because you know you should be exercising, but you're just not in the mood? Don't worry. You aren't a bad person if you don't feel like exercising. Superstars and professional athletes have days when they don't want to break a sweat either. back to top

Inspire yourself
Need a little boost to get back into the fitness groove? Here are some tips that can help inspire you to get moving:
  • Take a look at your goals. Maybe you set them a little too high when you started to exercise. That can leave you feeling disappointed when the results don't come as fast as you'd hoped. Remember, there's no rule that says you have to stick with the same goals forever! Choose a new goal that is doable. "Lose 10 pounds by the prom" is NOT a healthy or sensible goal. "Run three days a week and do crunches twice a week until the prom" is much more realistic!
  • Decide to train for a team or event. It's not about training for the Olympics or World Cup Soccer. Try training for an event in your area like a walk-a-thon. Or prepare to tryout for a softball team. You'll get a sense of accomplishment after finishing a walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon, and even if you don't make the team this time, you'll be in shape for the next tryout!
  • Reward yourself. Treating yourself to new dumbbells or cool workout wear can make you feel like you're a fitness pro. Looking the part just might be the motivation you need to keep going! Fill your tub with yummy smelling bubbles and have an aromatherapy bath after your workout. Then give yourself an herbal facial for fun.
  • Find a Fitness Friend. Exercising alone can be a drag, especially if you need a push every once in awhile to keep you moving. A Fitness Friend will be the first to cheer you on to do one more push-up! Fitness Friends keep each other company, support each other, and don't let each other blow off a workout. back to top
What if I don't feel like exercising?
If you're bored with your workout, maybe it's time to try something new. Have you always wanted to take a kickboxing class? What about ballet? Maybe you've thought about borrowing an exercise video from the library. Well, now's the time. Or maybe your routine just needs a little adjustment. For example, if you always follow the same route when you go running, run down a street you've never run down before. Tossing something new into your exercise plan every now and then will keep things interesting, and you just might find something else you like. back to top

Last Modified Date: 1/3/2001
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