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Am I Fit?

Am I Fit?

What's my fitness level?

Can you run a four-minute mile without breaking a sweat? How about bench-pressing 250 pounds? Serenely sit in the lotus position? Swim for three hours without stopping?

No? Well, don't worry, because none of these feats are a true measure of your fitness level. back to top

What's my fitness level?
Your fitness level has four parts: your cardiorespiratory health, your muscle strength and endurance, your flexibility, and your body composition. You increase your fitness level by improving in all four of these areas, not just one or two. In other words, fitness is not simply how strong you are, how fast you are, or how thin you are.

A good measure of your fitness level is how easily you can do everyday things. After all, your body knows best. Can you run for the bus without your heart pounding like crazy or your side cramping? Can you carry a stack of books home from school with no problem? Can you keep up with your friends on the soccer field?

To learn more about measuring your fitness level, why not test your fitness flair! back to top

Last Modified Date: 4/2/2001
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