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Color Your World: What Mood Would You Like to Be In?

Color Your World:
What Mood Would You Like to Be In?

Getting ready for a big test? Want to get some extra energy for your next sports event? Or do you just need to relax? Match the mood you're in (or the mood you'd like to be in) to the descriptions below and find out what color may help.
  • Feeling rundown: RED can help you meet the demands of a busy day. If you've got a tough day ahead, try wearing a red sweater or painting your fingernails a rich red to boost your energy.
  • Feeling tense or depressed: GREEN may give you a sense of peace. Take a long walk through a tree-filled park or read a book in a grassy area.
  • Wanting to tap into your creativity and artistic side: VIOLET helps increase creativity. Think of a creative project you'd like to start and use the color violet as your main theme.
  • Experiencing fuzzy thinking, lack of interest: YELLOW helps to improve thought process and mental sharpness. Start keeping a journal on yellow notepaper, and get some sunlight on your face.
  • Needing to boost your imagination and intuition: INDIGO strengthens dream activity. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a pair of indigo-tinted sunglasses.
  • Feeling down in the dumps, self-conscious, nervous: ORANGE may help kick-start your emotions and make you more sociable. Buy yourself an orange book bag or purse and tote it with you on the days when you're feeling low.
  • Having trouble sleeping or feeling stressed-out: BLUE helps calm your nerves and brings relaxation. Buy some blue sheets for your bed and curl up with your favorite magazines for a relaxing night. back to top
Last Modified Date: 3/1/2001
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