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Feng Shui Quiz: How's the Qi in Your Room?

Feng Shui Quiz:
How's the Qi in Your Room?

Because the average person spends more than one third of his or her life in bed, and because the average teenage girl spends more time than that in her bedroom on the phone, it may be a good idea for your bedroom to have healthy qi. Take the following quiz to see how the energy flows in your room. back to top

  1. What color are your bedroom walls?
    1. white
    2. shades of yellow or green
    3. shades of purple or red back to top
  2. How do your bedroom windows open?
    1. they don't open at all
    2. they slide up and down
    3. they crank out back to top
  3. How clean is your room?
    1. very cluttered and dusty
    2. slightly messy
    3. neat and orderly back to top
  4. How many plants do you have in your room?
    1. none
    2. one
    3. two or more back to top
  5. Describe the light in your room.
    1. dark most of the time
    2. dimly lit with lamps, but no direct sunlight
    3. bright with sunlight and lamp light back to top
  6. How many walls does your bed touch?
    1. none
    2. two
    3. one back to top
  7. How much of yourself can you see in your bedroom mirror?
    1. from the neck down (I can see my head if I squat)
    2. head only
    3. full view of head, shoulders, and body back to top
  8. How are your books stored in your room?
    1. in a pile on the floor
    2. in a bookcase
    3. in a cabinet with closing doors back to top
  9. Where is your bureau in relation to your bed?
    1. at the foot of the bed
    2. next to the bed
    3. across the room back to top
  10. When you lie in bed, can you see the bedroom door?
    1. can't see the door at all
    2. partial view of the door
    3. clear view of the door back to top
    back to top
If you answered "C" on seven or more of these questions, the qi in your room is probably very healthy. If you answered "C" on five questions, your qi may be slightly blocked. If you answered "C" on less than three of these questions, you've got some work to do. back to top

Last Modified Date: 3/13/2001
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